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boulder would be there still, still itself and solid as ever.
Captain Todd could be confident because he had no confi-
dence in things and events; he knew things and events were
blind. Blind as a bat.

Mr. Munn felt that he knew that much about the old man,
but knowing it did him no good.   He would be caught up
and drawn, in the very face of Captain Todd's example, into
the same current that gripped the other men about him.
And at the same time he would know that, for himself at
least, there was something unreal about those meetings in
the long, dingy room above the bank, about the dry voice of
Mr, Sills going on and on with his figures and reports, and
about the exclamations and the vehement, booted tread of
Mr. Christian.   Mr. Sills found those figures real and final,
and trusted them.   Mr. Christian trusted that deep and
prodigal surge of energy within himself.  But the events that
took place in that room did not afford Mr. Munn the true
sense of reality. Rather, at moments he found it during those
meetings in front of the country stores or in the spaces before
the white, weatherboarded churches at the crossroads; or
when some man, picking up the pen, said, " Well, I reckon
FU do it"; or, even, that night when the rain beat on the
roof of the schooihouse at Rose Creek and he looked into the
faces of the men, or when, afterward, he rode alone through
the darkness, within earshot of the sounding, swollen creek.
Those times were more real to him, and even though they
spoke to Mm in vague, untranslatable, and perhaps contra-
dictory voices, he felt that some time he might be able to
4efine the truth that certainly they were proclaiming.

AM so, while the fall passed and winter came on, he lived,
it ®c«aetimes seemed to him, as though poised on the brink
«l irrdation. He did not know what was to happen, what
«i»e b&fttmii&g revelation might be that made him wake with
tte expectation. Sometimes, on waking, it sharpened his
&»erfs seas$ of the weather, so that he would jump out of
M moAg $&1 In Ms nightshirt, hurry to the window to scan
Ac Ay. Tlim, when he had discovered what the sky